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2007 Mazda For Sale

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Year: 2007
Make: Mazda
Model: MAZDA6
Mileage: 110100
Ask Price: $4,300
Location: 08609
Description: Most of us have been affected one way or another by the economy. I've been in and out of jobs for the last 2 years, and I just can't afford to keep my Mazda6 any longer. I bought it from the original owner in April of 2008 with only 3,400 miles! I was ecstatic. This car has been awesome to drive and own. I have taken exceptional care of this car from day one. It has had Mobil 1 full synthetic oil and filter every oil change. Royal Purple Synthetic Gear oil in the smooth shifting 5 speed manual transmission. Prestone synthetic brake fluid. ALL maintenance has been done on time, or early. Included is a small notebook that I made note of everything ever done to the car since I bought it. Everything from oil changes, to tires and alignments, to filters, belts, spark plugs etc. I have a few receipts for some of the more recent things, but unfortunately I didn't save every receipt from the beginning, as i had every intention of keeping this car forever and knew i had everything written down in my notepad.

2007 Mazda