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Twitter is Good!

Word-of-mouth and other forms of personal contact have been the best method of advertising since the beginning of time and probably still are.

Twitter is the most recent form of electronic word-of-mouth and seems to work very well. After you place your ad click the little Twitter bird, in the lower left corner of the page, and send a tweet to the people on your list letting them know your car is for sale. Ask them to pass it along to the people on their lists and you could have dozens of people view your ad just minutes after you submit it. Give it a try. It can't hurt.

How To Write A Car For Sale Description

Include the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) in your ad if your car is a 1981 model or newer. It adds credibility. The VIN is easy to find because it's in the same place on every vehicle. Stand outside your vehicle on the driver side, just in front of the windshield and face the windshield. Look at the bottom corner of the windshield and just under the glass you will see the number. It's also on the vehicle title.

On the page where you submit your ad, there is a "TIP" under the description box that encourages you to make your description at least 100 words long. There is a reason for that.

If you are going to go through the trouble of placing an ad in the first place, you probably want as many people as possible to find it. Making your description about 100 words long will help do that. Here is why.

Every one of the cars for sale, on this site, is displayed on it's own separate page. That page is indexable by the major search engines. That means the search engines, like Google, MSN Search, Yahoo and some others will find the page with your car on it and include that information in their data base. Then when someone does a search, on one of those search engines, for car information that matches your car, they will be sent to your ad.

Those major search sites prefer pages that contain a reasonable amount of text. If you make your description at around 100 words long the page will be seen much more often than it will with a shorter description.

So describe everything about your car you can think of even if you think potential buyers aren't interested. Google is, and you never know what other people might be looking for.

It's okay to capitalize certain words but DON'T USE UPPER CASE LIKE THIS on whole words. Maybe that helped attract the search engines years ago but it doesn't now and it makes the text harder to read.

Don't use abbreviations. Spell everything out. Instead of AC use air conditioner. Instead of AT say automatic transmission.

Submit a picture of your car if at all possible. First because people want to see what they are buying and second because more people will find your ad if it has a picture. The major search engines have a separate data base just for pictures and a very high number of people search for images of cars these days. The image robots (mostly google) crawl this site almost every day.

Good Luck!

Help Us Help You

Since this site is next to free, we cannot afford to advertise, so we can use your help. If you have a web site, blog, Facebook page, Twitter account or some other internet presence, place a link to your ad on it. Bring up your ad in your browser. Then copy the URL from the browser location bar and paste it on any other page you have access to.

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