ZIP code and CITY
The Zip code is used only when the City field is blank. When the City is entered, it is used for the search, and the Zip code is ignored.

YEAR and PRICE range
There are two fields that represent the range for the year and also for the price. It's not necessary to enter a number in both fields. Leave the left one blank if you have no lower limit and the right one blank if the upper limit is not important to you. Leave both blank if you don't care about that range. If you enter both numbers in the range, the first one must be less than the second one or you will get an error.

PRICE format
Enter only whole dollar amounts with no cents or punctuation.
21650 is valid
$21,650.00 will be changed to 21650.

SORT Options
Search results can be sorted by year or price (but not both) in either ascending or descending order. The results will be sorted by the selected sort option even if both limiting fields, for that option, are left blank. For instance if the "Year - Newest first" sort option is checked, the records will be sorted that way even if both year range fields are left blank.

General Info
All of the fields on the search form are optional. You should make entries only in the fields that are meaningful to your search. However, if you submit an empty form, the entire data base will be returned, in no particular order, and that may not be very useful.